Sunday, June 21, 2009

Getting off the Island.... and out of Florida! Girls Road Trip

MPLS watch out! MPLS in the summer time, what a happenin' place! This city has so much character and things to do. Holly, Beth and I drove up to visit Mags in the twin cities! Girls summer road trip and "The Margaritas" reunion (our rock band name, creative I know, I have no idea how we came up with it... !) The short weekend so far has been full of sightseeing and makings of good stories. Trip started with a must stop at the world's largest skillet in Brandon, Iowa, a burger from Hamburg Inn in Iowa City and a look see at Beth's sold house in Iowa. Since arriving in Mpls, we have eaten and drank well. Meeting Maggie and her friends for happy hour and sushi we stuffed ourselves before heading to get ice cream at a little place I believe was named Crema Cafe. Ah, sitting outside with the cool temps, eating creme brulee ice cream, and catching up was a rockin' good start to the weekend. Went to Mill City Market in the morning, spending time there mostly eating up all the free samples. Maggie bought some chocolate bar at the "healthy, I use raisins in place of the sugar" stand. Holly bought about 12 jars of pepper jelly, so we all could take some home and then have some for ourselves- it was some darn good jelly jamey jam. We strolled across to watch the boats and canoes coming across the lock and dam, all while Maggie is giving us a half remembered history tour of the flour mill. Later in the day, after some pedi's, we managed to make it to Rock the Garden, seeing about 1 1/2 bands. It felt good to listen to some tunes, drink a beer and soak in the atmosphere for a bit. Alas, now, it's time for bed, I look forward to Beth picking more strawberries from Maggie's garden for our cereal in the morning. Yum, darn I wish my island garden was doing better. There is so much to update on Elliott Island I don't know where to begin. I am going to try and be a better blogger, since this weekend the girls and I read through blogs and I found out from Beth and Holly how hip it is just to read blogs... a lot of blogs... all the time... oh, and they also told me I need to do something with my hair, like color and condition. ah girlfriends. The salty ocean water and Florida sun is not good for the hair, my hair hates me, but what swim cap? I don't know. I can just see me wake boarding and snorkeling with a swim cap. Thank god for friends though, because who else is going to keep me in shape on Elliott- where I have the best hair, and only hair and no one sees it anyway- because if I am outside, I am wearing a bug jacket, which covers my face and head.... so cool, updated blog. Lesson to take away readers: visit Mpls.
Beth and I as bacon.

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