Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 155

Traveled to mainland.... stocked up on goods..... at my new favorite place called, "BJ's", where one living on an secluded island can get a lot of goods in large quantity.  I have yet to be caught on the island with a strong craving for something and then not been able to get a hold of it ( which was a fear before moving to elliott, I keep plenty of chocolate or nutella on hand for emergencies.) But I do find I miss ice cream, getting it here without it becoming creamy milk just isn't possible. I have seriously considered buying an ice cream maker. I hear plenty of people get these and then not use them much- but I think my situation is just what an ice cream maker was invented for. I have been reading lots of recipes for ice cream lately and day dreaming of delicious creations... and then maybe selling it to campers. Evan is on the hunt for a boat, this is all he can think about right now... every time I want to buy something, Evan reminds me of this fact. Who buys a boat in this economy? We do, I guess it's a buyers market! Something we are both excited about! We both are dreaming of wake boarding, snorkeling and relaxing on our new yacht (or small, quaint little boat)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 153... or something

Well, I need help, SOS,  sending a message in a bottle or whatever- I need to learn to be a better blogger. Every body's doin it- so now am I, as if I need a reason to spend more time on the computer! But I refuse to be left out of the crowd or left behind as time and technology march on- I am trying not get stuck in a time, fashion or technology warp, living on a deserted island makes this a bit more difficult. I do not even have Internet in my house, this is the first time in seven years I have even had cable in my house, as goes the life of the park service employee. I am sitting in this little restaurant called....Atlantic Bread Company, (not to be confused with St. Louis Bread company, ABC is a bit more generic but with delicious cheesecake), anyway here is my home away from home b/c I get free internet. I haven't been online for about two weeks, after dropping off visitors number 9 at the airport I needed some pick me up after the visitors just left blues. Since moving to southern Florida I have had....9 sets of visitors in about four months- It is truly awesome! You find out how many true friends you have that will use you for your closer relationship to the equator. I love it! Being so far away from friends and family I find I crave visitors! Jon, Karen and I enjoyed the island by kayaking, paddle boarding, riding bikes to the ends of the island and searched for wildlife in the Everglades. Jon and Karen are familiar with the oh so popular "ROBERT IS HERE" fruit stand's famous fruit milkshakes, so we made a stop twice there and back to the everglades. If you ever go to the everglades, make sure to stop.... I recommend the Mamey mixed with Coconut or the Strawberry Key Lime- Yum Yum!!!!.... I have been trying to decided what type of business I could have to sell to the campers on Elliott- I have gone from hot dog to popsicle to bread stand. Any ideas would be awesome.