Monday, June 22, 2009

Island entertainment

This cracks me up! This should included in one of those, "can you guess what's in this picture?" contests. This is, not the sharpest crayon in the box, does not completely have all her marbles, cat, crammed in a cereal box. She thinks I can't see her, a minute later she jumps out of the box acting like she is attacking, only to run, sliding across the floor under the bed, safely hiding out of sight, only her tail happens to be sticking out from under the bed. Sneaky! Good job! Maybe when you live on a deserted island it doesn't take much to entertain. But this cat brings me hours of laughter. I admittedly may be a little weird about my cat. (No! Really?!) I have no doubt I will probably be the old lady they find passed away in a house full of cats. (This future scenario only happens if Evan goes first, he seriously holds me back from my cat saving.) Reminds me of a little ditty my dear friend Maggie told about observing a crazy woman roller blading, while pushing a stroller, which contained a caged parrot. Would I push Lola around in a stroller one day if something happens to her and she can't walk?..... Darn right I would.


  1. That's a big box of cereal! You must have gotten it @ BJ's.

  2. Check out these BLOG skillz. Lola just isn't a very great huntress...but, maybe she'll be a better actress when she makes her video premiere!